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Even if you feel comfortable and confident in your gender identity, most people in the LGBTQ community encounter everything from subtle stigma to outright antagonism from co-workers, family, friends, and strangers. At NP Psychiatry in the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan in New York City, you will find acceptance and compassionate mental health care from board-certified psychiatric nurse practitioner Ryan Rifkin, NP. No matter what concern you face, LGBTQ family services are available in-office or via telepsychiatry. To schedule an appointment, call or use the online booking feature today.

LGBTQ Family Services Q & A

What issues do LGBTQ family services deal with?

Your gender identity isn’t a mental health problem, but the nature of the world today means that you encounter unique challenges due to your choices. These challenges may increase your risk of developing mental health issues.

Some people develop gender dysphoria, which generally refers to psychological distress when the sex assigned at birth doesn’t fit your gender identity. However, this umbrella term doesn’t fully describe the many complex issues people in the LGBTQ community may face.

Unfortunately, people who identify as LGBTQ confront discrimination and oppression. As a result, they often have a higher risk of trauma, suicidal ideation, and self-harm — Eighty-six percent of students who identify as LGBTQ report being assaulted or harassed at school, for example. 

You may need treatment for a common mental health condition such as depression or anxiety. Many need family services to smooth the way with family members who don’t support their choices.

LGBTQ partners deal with the same relationship challenges that send other couples to counseling, but the complexities of LGBTQ can magnify their stress.

You can learn ways to cope and move forward into a thriving life with customized LGBTQ individual and family services at NP Psychiatry.

What LGBTQ services might I receive?

NP Psychiatry helps people in the LGBTQ community whether they still struggle with their identity or need help talking with family and friends about their choices.

You receive the same range of psychiatric services -- psychotherapy, advocacy, and medication management -- with one important difference: Your gender and sexual orientation remain at the heart of your LGBTQ family services treatment.

Your NP Psychiatry provider understands the extreme stress associated with coming out, rejection, trauma, substance abuse, and homelessness. In addition to providing individualized psychiatric care, they help you find community resources, and offer family services.

LGBTQ family services cover the scope of issues you may face. For example, if you have children or plan to expand your family as a member of the LGBTQ community, your provider can help you navigate the road ahead.

Can LGBTQ family services help me with coming out?

Few steps are as personal and difficult as telling others about your gender identity, especially when it comes to your family. Your provider at NP Psychiatry guides your decision to come out, answers your questions, and offers support for the process.

Whether you’re concerned about telling your doctor, family, friends, or co-workers, you can explore the benefits and risks with your provider. They help you navigate the steps to coming out so you can live an authentic and healthy life. 

To learn more about LBGTQ family services, call NP Psychiatry or book an appointment online today.