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Psychiatric Evaluations

Psychiatric evaluations are most often held at the first session we meet. On rare occasions, they occur later in treatment, such as at the request of the client for certain applications. During the psychiatric evaluation, the provider will conduct an in-depth, longitudinal assessment into current and past medical and mental health symptoms to formulate a comprehensive diagnosis with nutritional, behavioral, psychotherapy, and medication recommendations. Please bring a current medication list, information on past psychiatric medication trials and information relating to other medical conditions you may have. Evaluations typically last 60 minutes to 90 minutes and cost $350.

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NP Psychiatry has offered telepsychiatry (telemedicine) appointments for the same rate as in-person visits on our centralized text messaging platform since 2019.

New Yorkers live a fast-paced life with high environmental, financial, and emotional stressors. Coordinating healthcare for families, professionals, and mobility impaired individuals can cause additional hardship for individuals already struggling with mental health concerns. Telepsychiatry is a strong option for many with lifestyles that make conventional on-site mental health services seem like an unobtainable luxury.

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Medication Management

Our practice offers medication services with and without therapy. We routinely partner with outside therapists and healthcare providers to ensure continuity in your care. We offer these appointments in our office at 138 West 25th Street, or online through our communication app.

Our practice offers medication-focused visits to clients for $200 each session and is not contracted directly with any insurance. We do support your expedited submission of our documents and provide guidance for out-of-network benefits.

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Consultation Services

While medication and therapy can both contribute toward mental health, mental health is comprised of more than just these two pieces. Consultations are beneficial in a variety of circumstances, including in-home support for existing clients looking to create new family structures and routines, court appearances, visits with patients to other healthcare providers and therapists, and schools for academic meetings.

NP Psychiatry offers consultations to primary care practices as well looking to bill additionally for and adhere to the best practices of the Psychiatric Collaborative Care Model.

Consultation services are offered at $400 per hour. For primary care/corporate rates and contracts, please contact our practice at

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Care Coordination Services

Mental health is the result of more than the sum of our parts. Even with ideal finances, perfect health, and no employment, legal, or relationship difficulties, one does not necessarily achieve relief from feelings like loneliness, anger, or depression.

Our practice considers the bio-psycho-social model and sees mental health as a spectrum instead of a dichotomy of “health” versus “illness.” Given such, we find it absolutely necessary to understand your medical history, mental health history, and social history to co-create goals and expectations for our treatment together.

Our practice will request some of this information in your initial consultation, but for those unable to obtain requested information or should clinical needs evolve later in practice, clients may request that our practice facilitate coordination of your care. At your request, we are happy to coordinate with your child’s school, consult with your primary care to further manage your medication, consult with your legal representatives at your request, or coordinate other services

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Insurance and Billing

At this time, our practice is out of network with all insurance companies. For details about which insurance we can accept, please contact our office at the form below.

Our standard fees for out of network services that can be submitted to your insurance company by you for partial reimbursement with our provided “superbill” are as follows:

15 minute pre-scheduling meet-and-greet: No cost to you

75 minute initial evaluation: $350

20-25 minute medication check-up services (virtual and in person): $200

Psychotherapy appointments with or without medication management: $250

Fee for credit and debit card payments: <3%

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